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These endpoints are used for administering the Transiter instance.

Transiter health status

GET /admin/health

Return Transiter's health status. This describes whether or not the scheduler and executor cluster are up.

List scheduler tasks

GET /admin/scheduler

List all tasks that are currently being scheduled by the scheduler.

This contains the feed auto update tasks as well as the cron task that trims old feed updates.

Refresh scheduler tasks

POST /admin/scheduler

When this endpoint is hit the scheduler inspects the database and ensures that the right tasks are being scheduled and with the right periodicity, etc. This process happens automatically when an event occurs that potentially requires the tasks list to be changed, like a system install or delete. This endpoint is designed for the case when an admin manually edits something in the database and wants the scheduler to reflect that edit.

Upgrade database

POST /admin/upgrade

Upgrades the Transiter database to the schema/version associated to the Transiter version of the webservice. This endpoint is used during Transiter updates: after first updating the Python code (or Docker contains), this endpoint can be hit to upgrade the database schema. It has the same effect as the terminal command:

transiterclt db upgrade