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Get the config for a system

GET /systems/<system_id>/config

Request type: GetSystemConfigRequest

Field Type Description
system_id string

Response type: SystemConfig

Install or update a system

PUT /systems/<system_id>

Installs or updates the system based on the configuration provided in the request payload. If the system does not exist an install is performed; otherwise an update.

Request type: InstallOrUpdateSystemRequest

Field Type Description
system_id string ID of the system to install or update.
system_config SystemConfig
yaml_config TextConfig TODO: TextConfig json_config = 4;
install_only bool If true, do not perform an update if the system already exists. TODO: rename skip_update = 4; ?
synchronous bool If false (the default), the system configuration is validated before the request finishes but databse updates are performed asynchronously. The status of the operation can be polled using GetSystem and inspecting the status field.

If true, the install/update operation is perfomed synchronously in the request and in a single database transaction. In this case, if the operation fails there will no database artifacts. The problem is that installs can take a long time and the request may be cancelled before it completes e.g. by an intermediate proxy.

Response type: InstallOrUpdateSystemReply

Field Type Description
system_id string
system_config SystemConfig

Delete a system

DELETE /systems/<system_id>

Deletes the specified system.

Request type: DeleteSystemRequest

Field Type Description
system_id string

Response type: DeleteSystemReply

No fields.

Update a feed

POST /systems/<system_id>/feeds/<feed_id>

Triggers a feed update for the specified feed.

Request type: UpdateFeedRequest

Field Type Description
system_id string
feed_id string

Response type: UpdateFeedReply

No fields.

Get scheduler status

GET /scheduler

Gets the status of the scheduler.

Request type: GetSchedulerStatusRequest

No fields.

Response type: GetSchedulerStatusReply

Field Type Description
feeds GetSchedulerStatusReply.Feed


Field Type Description
system_id string
feed_id string
period int64
last_successful_update int64
last_finished_update int64
currently_running bool

Reset scheduler

POST /scheduler

Performs a full restart of the scheduler, with all scheduler configurations retrieved fresh from the database. In general this endpoint should never be needed; Transiter automatically restarts the scheduler when needed. The main usecase is when the Postgres configuration is manually updated and the scheduler needs to see the update.

Request type: ResetSchedulerRequest

No fields.

Response type: ResetSchedulerReply

No fields.



Field Type Description
id string Identifier of this feed config. This must be unique within the system.
required_for_install bool If true, an update of this feed will be performed during the system installation, and if the update fails the system installation will fail.
update_strategy FeedConfig.UpdateStrategy
update_period_s double
url string URL at which the feed can be downloaded using a HTTP GET request. Transiter does not currently support non-GET requests.
request_timeout_ms int64 Timeout to enforce for the request to the feed URL. If not specified, defaults to 5 seconds.
http_headers FeedConfig.HttpHeadersEntry HTTP headers to send in the request.
parser string The parser to parse the feed with. Current options are "GTFS_STATIC", "GTFS_REALTIME" and "NYCT_SUBWAY_CSV".

The are future plans to support plugging in additional custom parsers at build time. This is why the field is a string and not an enum.
gtfs_realtime_options GtfsRealtimeOptions Additional options for the GTFS realtime parser, if that is the parser in use.


Field Type Description
key string
value string


Name Number Description


Message describing options for the GTFS realtime parser.

Field Type Description
extension GtfsRealtimeOptions.Extension
nyct_trips_options GtfsRealtimeOptions.NyctTripsOptions
nyct_alerts_options GtfsRealtimeOptions.NyctAlertsOptions


Name Number Description


Field Type Description
elevator_alerts_deduplication_policy GtfsRealtimeOptions.NyctAlertsOptions.ElevatorAlertsDeduplicationPolicy
elevator_alerts_inform_using_station_ids bool
skip_timetabled_no_service_alerts bool
add_nyct_metadata bool


Name Number Description


Field Type Description
filter_stale_unassigned_trips bool


Description of the configuration for a collection of service maps.

Field Type Description
id string Identifier of this service maps config. This must be unique within the system.
source ServiceMapConfig.Source Source of the service maps built using this config.
threshold double The threshold setting is used to exclude one-off trip schedules from service maps. When calculating a service map, all trips are bucketed based on their schedule. If the threshold is 0.2, trips are only included if the corresponding bucket contains at least 20% of the trips. In particular, a one-off trip whose bucket only contains itself will be excluded if there are many other trips.

Note that a trip's schedule is reversed if needed based on the direction ID.
static_options ServiceMapConfig.StaticOptions Additional options relevent for static service maps only.


Source describes the possible sources for service maps.

Name Number Description
STATIC 0 Build the service maps using the GTFS static data.
REALTIME 1 Build the service maps using the GTFS realtime data.


Description of options relevent for static service maps only.

Field Type Description
starts_earlier_than double If specified, only include trips that start earlier than this time. The time is specified as a number of hours after midnight; i.e., 2:30am is '2.5'.
starts_later_than double If specified, only include trips that start later than this time.
ends_earlier_than double If specified, only include trips that end earlier than this time.
ends_later_than double If specified, only include trips that end later than this time.
days string If specified, only include trips which run on at least one of the provided days. If left empty, no trip filtering is provided.


Configuration for a system.

Field Type Description
name string Name of the system.
feeds FeedConfig Configuration for the system's feeds.
service_maps ServiceMapConfig Configuration for the system's service maps.


TextConfig contains a Transiter system configuration in non-proto format (e.g. YAML or JSON).

Field Type Description
url string A URL where the config can be retrieved from using a simple GET request. If the URL requires a more complex interaction (authentication, a different HTTP verb), the config should be retrieved outside of Transiter and provided in the content field.
content string The text content of the config.
is_template bool Whether the config is a template. If true the config will first be processed using Go's template library.
template_args TextConfig.TemplateArgsEntry Arguments to pass to Go's template library if the config is a template.

In general as much information as possible should be in the config itself. The template args are intended for things like API keys which are secret and/or different for each person that installs the system.


Field Type Description
key string
value string