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Endpoints list

Transiter's HTTP endpoints mostly return JSON data; exceptions are specifically noted. In order to avoid stale documentation, the structure of the JSON data returned by each endpoint is not described here, but can be inspected on the demo site or by clicking any of the example links below.

Permissions levels

Every endpoint has an associated permissions level to enable access control. In production, you will likely not want to allow access to all endpoints - for example, you will want to prohibit users from deleting systems. The permissions documentation page describes the permissions system and how you can use it to deploy Transiter safely.

If an endpoint does not describe a permissions level, then it does not impose any permissions restrictions.

Operation API endpoint
entry-point-and-docs endpoints
HTTP API entry point GET /
Internal documentation GET /docs/<path:path>
systems endpoints
List all systems GET /systems
Get a specific system GET /systems/<system_id>
List all transfers in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/transfers
Install a system PUT /systems/<system_id>
Uninstall (delete) a system DELETE /systems/<system_id>
Configure system auto-update PUT /systems/<system_id>/auto-update
stations-and-stops endpoints
List stops in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/stops
Search for stops POST /stops
Search for stops in a system POST /systems/<system_id>/stops
Get a stop in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/stops/<stop_id>
routes endpoints
List routes in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/routes
Get a route in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/routes/<route_id>
realtime-trips endpoints
List trips in a route GET /systems/<system_id>/routes/<route_id>/trips
Get a trip in a route GET /systems/<system_id>/routes/<route_id>/trips/<trip_id>
agencies endpoints
List agencies in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/agencies
Get an agency in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/agencies/<agency_id>
feeds endpoints
List feeds in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/feeds
Get a feed in a system GET /systems/<system_id>/feeds/<feed_id>
Perform a feed update POST /systems/<system_id>/feeds/<feed_id>
Perform a feed flush POST /systems/<system_id>/feeds/<feed_id>/flush
List updates for a feed GET /systems/<system_id>/feeds/<feed_id>/updates
inter-system-transfers-management endpoints
List all transfers configs GET /admin/transfers-config
Preview a transfers config POST /admin/transfers-config/preview
Create a transfers config POST /admin/transfers-config
Get a transfers config GET /admin/transfers-config/<int:config_id>
Update a transfers config PUT /admin/transfers-config/<int:config_id>
Delete a transfers config DELETE /admin/transfers-config/<int:config_id>
admin endpoints
Transiter health status GET /admin/health
List scheduler tasks GET /admin/scheduler
Refresh scheduler tasks POST /admin/scheduler
Upgrade database POST /admin/upgrade